In Defense of Online Publishing

Author funded online publishing has been facing lot of flak and is considered by many as step-motherly to the traditional ‘free’ publishing. Being associated with online publishing for 5 years now, I have a case in point, in favour of online publishing. The presentation of the case heads this way!

1. Online is connected cross the globe, can be accessed by everyone through basic devices like a smartphone (should I be even using this term, as every phone is one!).
2. Information should be easily accessible to all as opposed to exclusivity.
3. Each article goes through a stringent quality check through using Plagiarism tools, and double blind peer review (an accepted norm for quality).
4. Free tools are available on the web to launch your product and reach across.
5. Not all academicians can get published in the so called top journals in their subject. Many have valid ideas, wonderful critical thinking patterns and seek for publishing opportunities.
6. Online publishing can accommodate many articles in one issue.
7. Online publishing can be multidisciplinary.
8. The API score is equal to that of attending an international conference.
9. If one has to maintain a quality website, these following services have to be bought
• Server Space
• SEO service
• Web administrator’s services
• Annual maintenance of the website
• Formatting services
• Correspondence services
10. All the above services are paid. They are actual people spending valuable working hours. Some services are need based but some services are annually charged. Not to forget the annual membership paid to quality plagiarism tools.
11. The fee collected is very less to what one spends if one has to travel to another place to attend an international conference.
12. Collecting a nominal amount from the authors is the only way this wonderful collaborative model works.

I support and recommend online publishing on par with the traditional publishing, both have their merits and it is perfectly okay to pay to publish provided the journal’s track record has been proven to be quality driven and authentic!!

-Dr. Mrudula Lakkaraju
International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills

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