Volume 4 Special Issue 1


We extend a warm welcome to the poetry special issue of IJELLS May 2015. Keeping up with the tradition of last year which got a thumping response, this year however dint match. But the contributions were none the less very impressive. Read through the various experiences emoted through verse. These condensed words mixed with our experience reiterate the fact that the human experience is same across borders and countries.

We have well established writers contributing to this issue as well as the budding ones with topics ranging from pleasant to stark. It is worth a reading.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Mrudula Lakkaraju

Chief & Founding Editor

Download Volume 4 Special Issue 1: “Poetry”

Read Volume 4 Special Issue 1: “Poetry”

Our Contributors

Dr. B. Anuthama is a Doctorate in ELT from Anna University Chennai and has a rich experience in teaching for 30 years and has recently retired from University College of Engineering Tindivanam.

Chandhini Chenthil Kannan is 12th Grade student of PSBB Millennium School, Gerugambakkam, Chennai. She started writing Poems and Songs when she was 9 years old inspired by Nature. She also writes adventurous Short Stories and Novels. She has an exemplary ear for musical keys and is a natural at playing the piano.

Dr. Divya Joshi has been teaching English for the last two decades. She has published extensively and her areas of interest include Indian Philosophy, Aesthetics and creative writing.

Prof. S.M. Gupta earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Hawaii, USA. He has written ten books on literature, linguistics and ELT. He has 46 years experience of teaching English to UG and PG classes. Currently, he is leading a retired life and writing poetry.

Dr. Mahesh K. Dey is professor of English and at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat. He has attended many international conferences and seminars on Canadian Studies and likes to compose poems.

Malathi.R is working as the Head of the department of English at Nehru Arts and Science College. She has by nature the ability to transfer her emotions into poetry and has written many poems. So far her personal diary alone was filled with her creations now that is being shared too.

Gregory N Osborne is an international refugee in Cambodia producing art out of hotel rooms. He just finished an album, Armagedon Songs. Next, is an Apocalyptic stand up comedy, but it’s going to have to be really funny. More about him at

Sharmila Ray is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of History, City College, Kolkata under Calcutta University. She writes in English and has authored six books of poetry; Earth Me and You, A Day With Rini, Down Salt Water, Living Other Lives, It’s Fantasy, It’s Reality, With Salt And Brine. Her poems are available in a CD- Hello.

Sharmistha Basu is an M.A, B.Ed. (Calcutta University),PGCTE (EFLU,Hyderabad) is presently working as an Assistant Professor, Department of English at Narula Institute of Technology, West Bengal. She has over seven years of teaching and three years of industry experience.

Tahsina Yasmin is working as an Assistant Professor at Dept. of English at Daffodil International University, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her areas of interest are psychology, gender roles and Latin American novels.

Dr. Tanushree Choudhary is presently teaching English to undergraduate engineering students at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Delhi University. Among several papers in English Language Teaching and English Literature and creative writing, she has to her credit the debut book ‘Five Short Stories: Translations from Munshi Premchand’ which is a fledgling step in the world of translation and publishing.

G. Vignesh is CEO of Nextify Inc., one of the biggest IT Company in Hosur. He is an active contributor in Linguistic Research for the past 6 years. Being a Literature Enthusiast, he has several Short Stories, Poems and Articles published right from his Childhood.

Prof. Zafar Khan is based in the US. He taught Literature and Applied Linguistics in Indian & Nigerian universities. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the West African Journal of Lang &  Lit., Creative Writer, ESL Expert, & Motivational Speaker. He has retired as the Principal of Austin Peace Academy, Texas State, USA.

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